internet cafe ROUNGE

ROUNGE provides not only up-to-date PCs,
various kinds of comics and magazine,
but also tailor-made reclining chairs and mats to pursue good amenities.
You can spend a good time in the cleaned and refined space.

  • Single (with a reclining chair)

    We provide reclining chairs friendly to your body.
    You can make the chair level for your convenience.

    Single (without chairs)
  • Single (without chairs)

    You can leisurely lie.
    We provide your own space.

    Single (without chairs)
  • Shared

    Space cooling your feelings (10 G-tune PCs)
    The PC gives you tranquil blue light

  • Double (without chairs)

    Large space giving you relaxation

    Double (without chairs)
  • Double (with a sofa)

    Comfortable sofa as if you were just in a lounge

    Double (with a sofa)